What worries the World

Rising costs are a worry for two-fifths (40%) of individuals, on normal across 29 nations, down 1pp from a month ago.

Our month to month What Stresses the World overview investigates the public’s thought process are the main social and policy driven issues, drawing on over decade of information to put the most recent scores in setting. This wave was directed between May 26th – June ninth, 2023.

Expansion is as yet the most elevated concern this month. This month sees a slight facilitating of 1pp to 40%.

Eleven countries – Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Incredible England, India, Poland, Singapore, the US, and Turkey – have rising costs as their greatest concern. Colombia has expansion joint first with joblessness.

Across all nations, stress over expansion is trailed by destitution and social disparity (31%), wrongdoing and brutality (29%), joblessness (27%), and monetary and political defilement (25%) which together make up the main five worldwide concerns.

In South Africa, stresses over joblessness have arrived at the most significant level for any country in our review during late years; with seven of every ten (70%) South Africans concerned.

Environmental change is as yet the seventh greatest concern internationally, with 17% stressed, up 1pp from a month ago. Italy has climbed the rundown of nations after a 5pp expansion in concern; 28% now notice it as one of their top issues.

Covid stress continues as before since last month, sitting at seventeenth out of 18, with short of what one out of 10 (6%) picking it.

The “Right versus misguided course” screen is unaltered this month. Close to two-fifths (38%), on a worldwide nation normal, think their nation is going in the ‘right’ bearing.


Two-fifths (40%) say expansion is one of the top issues influencing their nation, down 1pp. February 2023 was the most noteworthy recorded degree of stress at 43%. From that point forward, it has been declining, though, truth be told, steadily.

Last month Argentina encountered the most noteworthy expansion worry for any nation, ever, in our overview. Stress has now dropped 5pp to 71%. Chile (40%) likewise sees a 5pp fall, though in Colombia the degree of concern (presently 42%) has bounced 5pp since the month before.

Expansion is the main worry in 11 nations – Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Extraordinary England, India, Poland, Singapore, the US, and Turkey. This is equivalent to last month – Colombia has expansion joint first with joblessness.

For additional on open perspectives towards expansion, see our new 29-country Worldwide Expansion Screen.

Fulfillment with the Economy

Across 29 nations, 36% of individuals portray what is happening in their nation as “great”, 1pp higher than in May 2023.

A 9pp expansion in Indonesia’s “great” economy score sees it ascend from third to joint-first situation in our nation rankings, binds with Singapore and India at 72%.

Brazil likewise sees a 9pp ascent from last month, with 44% of Brazilians presently depicting what is happening as “great”.

Two nations record all-time high “great economy” scores this month: Spain (34%) and Italy (33%).

In the meantime, the story is more negative in Israel (- 8 from last month), the US, and Singapore.


Joblessness is presently the fourth greatest worry in our What Stresses the World review, with 27% picking it as an issue in their country. This is the consequence of a reduction in stress over defilement.

South Africa stays the most concerned country, where it has been since April 2021. Seven of every ten (70%) presently pick it as a concern, up 2pp from May 2023. This is the most noteworthy we’ve seen on our study, for any country.

Among the other more stressed nations, concern has fallen. Colombia (42%) has plunged 7pp, moving from second to fourth. India (43%) has dropped 3pp and Spain (41%) is unaltered. Worry in Singapore (42%) has risen strongly by 7pp, putting it third.

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