Heatwave and Summer winds precaution

Heat wave alert: People advised to take precautionary measures - Pakistan -  Business Recorder


Reportedly the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) advised the masses to take precautionary measures to cope with the scorching heatwave and summer winds that could be deadly sans care.


-People should use plain water more

-Avoid carbonated drinks

-Abstain from going out during the hottest hours of the day.

-Cover your head and then go out in the hot sun.

-Take special care of the sick, elderly, children and pets.

-Drink lemon water and ORS to compensate for the salt deficiency.

-Wear light and soft clothes

-If someone faints in the heat, the people should pour cold water on his or her head.


It is also noted that extreme heat waves could cause glaciers to melt in glaciated regions, the relevant institutions are on alert to deal with the possible situation.

-The residents of the areas affected by the threat of glacial lakes outburst floods (GLOFs) should be aware and careful and cooperate with local administration in any emergency situation.

-During this time, tourists should avoid travelling and staying in areas with possible GLOF risk, timely protective measures could be helpful in preventing the damages caused by the melting of glaciers.

Stay safe

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